The Northern Illinois Healthcare Education Network (NIHEN) was founded in 2002 on the belief that more continuing education opportunities should be available for nurses and other healthcare workers. With a focus on individual, professional growth, NIHEN offers skills-based educational courses in a dynamic, live classroom setting. Concepts presented in classes apply to real-world issues, and the goal of our entire curriculum is to help caregivers build skills that create a more positive work environment where teamwork is optimized and patient care excels.


NIHEN also offers customized skill-building programs that have helped hundreds of managers and staff members create an environment that develops and retains employees by building on the basic concepts of trust, respect, and open communication. If you’d like to arrange customized courses to be held on site at your organization, or if you have ideas about classes that we don’t currently offer, we’d love to hear them. Send your suggestions/questions to Rosemary Homer at


NIHEN’s founder, Rosemary Homer, teaches all management leadership and non-clinical classes. She has taught management courses both at the bachelors and masters levels. For the past 13 years, she has taught scores of managers, and her passion for making healthcare organizations great places to work shines through.

All clinical classes, such as certification review courses, are taught by masters-prepared nurses who are experts in their field, excellent educators and clinically grounded in their specialties.


Rosemary Homer, RN, BSN, MBA, is the president of Halligan-Lynch Healthcare Consulting and the Northern Illinois Healthcare Education Network. In 1999, after 25 years in healthcare working as a staff nurse, nursing supervisor, clinical educator, and Director of Education, she founded Halligan-Lynch.

Originally, her vision was to provide building blocks for success by helping organizations succeed with their Joint Commission surveys and develop their managers to engage their workforce in creating a more employee-friendly and patient-centered environment. She also consulted with hospitals and designed education interventions to improve teamwork and customer service.

In 2002, Rosemary created NIHEN, shifting her focus almost exclusively to providing education opportunities to assist staff nurses and managers in building their skill sets. Since then, she has become even more passionate about her quest to improve the healthcare workplace environment so caregivers can be the best they can be in providing high-quality care.

Along the way she gained an invaluable amount of knowledge about healthcare that has enabled her to become who she is today: an educator, manager, and consultant. She believes that lifelong learning is essential for both personal and professional growth.

Rosemary’s passion for making a difference shows in the consistently positive evaluations she receives from her class participants.